So who is Kevin Martyn?

I’m very honored that you want to know more about me and pleased to have the opportunity to tell you more.

Let me begin by admitting I am not a NORMAL person, far from it!

I am not saying that I am ABNORMAL or WEIRD, just by most people standards I am VERY DIFFERENT!

…especially in the way that I live my life.

I have never been one for convention, formality or authority.

I have ALWAYS been the odd one out.

I like to live life on MY TERMS and am not afraid to break the rules and turn conventional thinking on its head to do so.

While most people ZIG I choose to ZAG!

Some people find this threatening while the more enlightened find it liberating.

I have found that when it comes to business it’s a good idea to watch what the MAJORITY are doing, and then do the complete OPPOSITE.

In fact, this is not a bad strategy for life in general.

I am NOT hindered by what other people think of me.

I live a LIFESTYLE CAREER, something which most people who know me would just kill to have.

My lifestyle has been custom designed and created by me and I wouldn’t change it for world.

I have been described as leading a laptop lifestyle.

I generally work a few hours a day from WHEREVER I happen to be in the world at that time even on the weekends.

However, if I don’t feel like working I don’t.

Lifestyle, momentum and proactively are ALWAYS at the top of the JUMPSTART agenda.

These are closely followed by tips and techniques for MOST aspects of lifestyle improvement.

Every email is bite-sized and an entertaining light read.

This is my MAIN way of mentoring others to reach their objectives and achieve their dreams, and that’s why I created the 47 habits for Success email sequence, click here to discover more

My Passions…

I enjoy people in general, good conversation although I am VERY SARCASTIC; just love writing (generally articles) I enjoy good books, being around my family although I think I drive them mad.

I am naturally curious and enjoy watching television, good food and enjoy watching the sunset with a glass on wine in my hand.

My wife Tess is about as different as I am in other ways and acts as my self-appointed conscience, PA and manager.

Yes, she is definitely the BOSS and I love her to bits!

I live between the West coast of the UK and Spain in the cooler months of the year and we have a house on the beach in both locations.

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