Be Consistently Consistent in Positive Actions

The Pathway to success is not a secret!

Whenever you see someone who is successful and one of life’s achievers you can be fairly confident that they have discovered the positive action to make them so, and more importantly they reproduce such actions on a VERY consistent basis.

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– Video Transcript –

Whatever you want to achieve in your life Consistency is key to your success! Being consistent in your actions is a big part of the formula for achievement in all that you do.If you have ever wondered what makes the minority of successful achievers in life the way they are? I promise you that consistency is key to their accomplishments.

As an example:

Look at champions and top athletes of our world.

Their success is rarely due to natural talent and ability, but born out of consistent training, day in day out.

I personally have the honor to know two national and international judo champions. As I am recording this video they are both fighting in high level competitions, one in Holland, and the other in Israel.

This is no accident.

They realized a long time ago that champions in ANY sport have to train more, and train harder that everyone else.

…and one of the most important of ingredients in their success was being consistent in their actions.

They focused on the long game and trained every day of every week until they found themselves getting closer to the top.

Then, when they saw the potential to become a champion in their sights, they went into top gear and begin a new much more intense training regime which required them to consistently give 120% of themselves on a consistent basis.

By contrast, lack of consistency leads to failure.

Most people are VERY inconsistent in their actions whatever it is that they are trying to achieve. Then they wonder why success and achievement eludes them so regularly.

When all of this time, the simple answer and solution to reverse their situation had been glaring at them in the face

The type of consistency which leads to success and achievement most often requires the stamina of a marathon runner, rather than the intensity of a sprinter who gives huge bursts of energy and then rests.

The formula for success is simple…

The more consistent you are in your objectives, the more successful you will become, and the faster you will become so.

Being consistent is the food of champions in all aspects of life.

Practice combined with being consistent not only promotes perfection, it also makes permanent, and is the content which quality habits are formed out of.

Think of it in this way…

Every action you take will either take closer, or further away from achieving your objectives, and if you elect to consistently take positive actions you will reach the top rapidly and be far more successful than most.

Whatever your goal or objective, if its achievement is important to you? …then be prepared to work at it EVERYDAY and don’t miss.

Do this and however big your objective, one day you will look over your shoulder and realise you are closer to achievement than you are to the starting point.

A companion of consistency is momentum and once you have momentum in your life anything is possible.

Don’t try doing too many things at the same time though.

Focus your efforts on just one objective and get it finished, then you can begin to harvest the benefit before moving on to the next objective.

If you decide to become a jack of many things you may forfeit the opportunity to become a master of one.

So what if you fail?

Exactly, so what?

Everyone fails sometimes; as failure is just a part of your success. In fact, they go hand in hand, and the more you fail the more you will also succeed.

So get used to it and learn from your failures, get up and brush yourself down and start again.

When you were a baby there came a point where you decided to start and try to walk. I promise you that you fell down and failed many times, but it didn’t put you off.

You would try again until you got it right; you are in fact the living proof that being consistent in your efforts leads to success.

So be prepared to become consistently consistent in all you attempt and success will follow close behind.

Consistency is key and consistency is also the mother of success

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