You will be as happy as you decide to be!

When you come across someone who is always happy and smiling, it’s probably because they made the DECISION to be happy!

Don’t put happiness off for another moment!

You don’t need things to make you happy, or for that matter other people either.

Happiness starts on the inside and works his way out. It’s you that makes the decision to be happy or not. Happiness starts with a DECISION, and then you have to work at it.

For instance, just try standing straight tilt your head up a little and smile, breathe deeply, think nice thoughts and you will automatically begin to feel happier. That is of course unless you allow yourself to let negative thoughts into your mind.

Fake it until you make it, stick at it and it may soon become a habit.

Below is the viewpoint of other people…

It’s a simple fact: Some people just appear happier than others. They’ve got a subtle spring in their step, they’re often laughing and they can find the joy in just about anything. Everyone’s got a friend like this — they seem to operate on a slightly different wavelength than the rest of us.

That leaves at least 30 percent of our baseline happiness within our immediate control. “The rest is really where our own thoughts and actions come in,” Rubin states. “We all have our [baseline], but then we can push ourselves up to the top of that range — or push ourselves down to the bottom of that range.”

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