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If you want to step up to the next league in all aspects of your life think about helping others by becoming a role model and illuminating the way forward.To be notified of similar videos upon creation and publication please subscribe to my YouTube channel below.


The world is exceptionally short of positive role models and being a good role model will build you a very positive reputation, as well as furnishing you with many other positive and ongoing benefits.

Although you may help and act as an inspiration to countless thousands from you becoming a role model, first and foremost it’s about what it will do for you.

…because that would be difficult to put a price upon!

So what makes a good role model?

Let’s go into detail as we progress, but for now, let’s just say that a positive role model acts as an example and guiding light to others who also want to excel in their life.

Having a role model to observe and follow makes the journey so much easier and instills self-confidence and provides a sense of direction.

There are many ways in which you can begin your quest to become a good role model to others.

Basically, it begins with a simple mind shift and the way in which you see yourself.

Just assume the mental position of being a role model rather than waiting for others to proclaim you as one.

Then, simply live up to and surpass your new position with positive actions and doing everything better and to a higher standard than ever before.

I am sure this will come quite naturally…

Just presume that you are ALWAYS being watched so step it up a few leagues and soon others WILL begin to notice.

Once you have your new position fixed in your head I am sure that you will find it difficult – NOT to surpass your personal expectations.

The good news is that you don’t have to undergo any special training to become a role model.

Becoming a good role model is an ideal for you to aim for and work at every day of your life.

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking of all role models are multi-billionaire super achievers!

There are positive role models illuminating the way forward at all positions in life.

I promise there is a need for you and the special skill set you will bring to this privileged position.

However humble your present circumstance you can start from where you are, right now, this very minute.

It begins with the desire to be of help and assistance others and at the same time you will be helping yourself.

Just lead by example and it helps if you are clear on your objectives, what it is that you are trying to achieve.

Aim to develop your own way and uniqueness which is not difficult.

Always be respectful and demonstrate a high level of humility.

As you advance aim to find and develop ways of motivating, inspiring and encourage others to advance in their life.

I promise you this will be fun and highly fulfilling.

Openly show your levels of passion, values, and commitment.

Demonstrate that you can overcome obstacles.

All of the above will quite quickly take you into the next league in all aspects of your life and allow you to take your life in any direction that you wish.

I hope that you can see these good role model win, win no lose benefits?

Please remember the world need more positive role models just like you!

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