Happiness Everyday

Why put being happy off a moment longer? Use the knowledge you discover on this video to be as happy as you wish every single day.If you have enjoyed this video and would like to be notified when similar videos are created and published please subscribe to my YouTube channel in the sidebar to the right.


Authentic happiness is an essential ingredient for success and achievement in all aspects of your life, and in this short video, I would like to share how you can be as happy as you wish every single day.

Those who possess the secret to authentic happiness are generally very popular with others.

Given the choice most of us prefer being with happy people rather than those who are grumpy, negative or miserable.

So, take what I share with you seriously, put it into practice until it becomes a habit and enjoy your life to the very maximum.

Think of happiness as a skill which can be quickly mastered and then shared with others, almost everyone that you come into contact with.

In fact, the more people you share your happiness with, the happier you will also become.

That’s how the circle of joy, pleasure and delight works…

I just hate hearing others say: I will be happy when this or that happens!

Why wait?

They don’t need to put happiness off a moment longer, as almost everyone with just a little fun effort can be insanely happy, right now?

So let’s get started…

Begin by making the simple but FIRM decision to be happy!

It’s that simple…

If you are waiting for happiness to find or adopt you then you could be waiting a long time.

Just remember that being happy is YOUR responsibility and life owes you nothing but the opportunity to be so.

Think happy thoughts and about what makes you happy!

Happiness starts on the inside of your head, in your mind and then works its way out.

Not just happiness today, but happiness EVERYDAY, so stay disciplined and soon being happy will start to become a subconscious habit.

To jump-start the processes, try this:

Stand up straight with your head slightly back, put a BIG smile on your face and breathe as deeply as you can at the same time thinking nice happy thoughts.

Spend a minute or so, or as long as you need doing this and it will result in making you feel warm and happy.

You can use and practice this simple technique as much and as often as you wish to recharge your feelings.

Aim to keep smiling all of the time, even when you are alone.

Happiness is as contagious as the common cold and rapidly afflicts MOST people you come into contact with.

To highlight this fact, share a warm and welcoming smile and friendly nod with those you come into contact with and it will generally have all but the most miserable and mentally resilient instantly smiling back at you.

Be a happiness giver because it will go a long way to making you popular.

Just proactively look for little ways of making others happy, you won’t find this difficult to achieve.

However and by contrast, you will find it tons of fun which will also add to your own levels of happiness and build your reputation as a warm, friendly happiness giver.

Whatever your present circumstances, being happy is not difficult, and you will be as happy as you decide to be!

So work at developing authentic happiness every day because it will go on repaying you with enjoyment packed days for the rest of your life.

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