Happiness is a GIFT that you Give to Yourself!

happiness-is-a-decisionHappy people are generally LOADS of fun to be around as happiness is extremely contagious and as viral as the common cold.

As a species there are many desires and objectives that we share in common.

For instance to be a SUCCESS!

Everyone wants to be successful in their pursuits and life in general.

In fact, (although there maybe exceptions) I don’t think that I have met anyone who wants to fail, not at a conscious level anyway.

Another of those BIG desires is to be HAPPY!

In fact, when you analyze it the reason that we do anything is to make us happy.

  • We work to generate an income which provides a lifestyle that makes us happy.
  • We adopt hobbies and interests that make us feel fulfilled and happy.
  • We take partners in life because we think it is going to make us happy.
  • Etc…

The list goes on and we do almost everything with the eventual outcome of being happy.

There are exceptions!

Okay, we may do some things begrudgingly which make other people happy, and then as a result we get rewarded which again makes us happy.

Taking action to make other people happy generally results in making us happy also.

If you are nodding in agreement I have an interesting observation.

Does success equals happiness?

If so, then why not make the decision to being happy ALL of the time?

Make happiness the starting point?

If you did this:

  • How much MORE would you achieve?
  • How much MORE FUN would you have?

I can give you a clue…

Although you may not be aware of the fact, GENUINELY HAPPY people are usually quite successful at virtually anything that they attempt.

Don’t just take my word for it…

…ask the next truly happy person you come across a few revealing questions, I know that they will be glad to share the answers with you.


Just do it, make the decision…

Possessions WON’T make you happy!

You see (although most people DON’T believe it) just achieving or owning a possession will not make you happy; they just make your life more comfortable or interesting.

Neither do you need other individuals around you to make you happy either, they just fulfill other needs.

winner-upgradeBeing happy is YOUR responsibility and it starts with a decision!

You will become as happy as you decide to be.

It’s up to you to find ways of making yourself happy.

Happiness begins on the inside and works its way out.

Its starts with a decision and a strong intention to make it work and then being as happy as you can be.

Fake it until you make it…

Constantly monitor your feelings to maintain your level of happiness and stop negative feelings propagating and growing within you.

Reverse the possibility of negative feelings and leave room for happiness to flourish and grow.

Just work at it every waking moment and don’t give up and being happy will soon become a habit!

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Try improving your posture and walking tall with a spring in your step and hold your head high.

Smile and act as if you are confident and happy and you will soon discover other people returning your smile.

A smile will do that…

Need a little help?

Then use mental affirmations to BOOST your positive feelings and keep telling yourself you are happy, and soon you will become so.

Keep repeating such positive statements and widen your smile as you do so…

To help you I have written an article on how to use positive affirmations to assist you.

Maintain your new habit with a focused joy and disciple and quite soon your life to become wall to wall happiness.

Just stay with because it’s a habit that’s worth mastering…

So how about those negative mishaps which befall us all from time to time, what do you do about them?

Well as they say “Crap Happens!” …and from time to time it does, and it happens to all of us.

So you have a choice…

You can let your mishaps (however bad) ruin your day, week, or even life. Or, you can GET OVER IT as soon as possible and get back on with your life.

You owe it to yourself to do so.

Wallowing in disappointment and negative feelings is simply a form of self sabotage!

Whatever you’re present circumstances no one ever said life would be fair, it’s not.

It is what it is and it’s up to us to take responsibility and make it as good and happy as possible.

By not picking yourself up quickly you are only damaging yourself.

Just remember that achieving happiness by definition makes you a success, especially if you can maintain it.

So adopt being happy and share your happiness around with smiles, actions and positive and encouraging behaviour.

Do this and you will soon find everyone around you will begin responding very differently and positively towards you.

You may have heard it said that life is like a mirror and what you give out it will reflect back.

It’s really true…

Negative and grumpy people tend to attract other negative people around them because birds of a feather generally tend to flock together.

So by contrast if you radiate a positive and happy persona you can look forward to and expect to start making friendships of like-minded individuals.

In this short article I have just scratched the surface when it comes to being happy.

It’s a good start but now it’s up to you.

Be happy…


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