Happiness is like a chain reaction!


If you want to be remembered by others a great way of doing so is to share a little happiness with them and then they may find you difficult to forget!

You may call it daydreaming.

I was wandering along DEEP in thought!

Nothing negative, I probably just had my mind set on FULL SOLUTION mode for my latest project.

If you have ever driven your car somewhere and wondered how you got there because you can’t remember the journey?

…it was that type of experience.

I was woken from my daydream by a big deep and booming fruitcake rich voice. I just knew it was Gary before I even saw him.

As I turned around two massive arms placed me in a powerful bear hug and embraced my almost circular circumference very firmly.

He was almost restricting my breathing…

Gary was one of my first friends when I came to live in the West Country and he had a HUGE positive and happy personality which was more infectious than the common cold.

I hadn’t seen him for a month or so although his enthusiasm made me feel like he had just discovered a long lost brother.

However upon releasing me from this death clasp he immediately gripped my hand and shook my arm so violently I feared it may suffer injury.

There was no doubting it; Gary was pleased to see me and his enthusiasm and positive nature infected me and bought a broad smile to my face.

After a few minutes catching up on things and arranging to have a real get together Gary assaulted my circumference once more with a parting rib crushing hug.

As I wandered off to recommence my chores I felt so positive and happy that I almost glowed from the experience.

An overwhelming tidal wave of enthusiasm and happiness will do that to you.

Have you ever noticed that when someone is really pleased to see us we also become happy and that feeling stays with us for quite a while?

Gary is a really happiness sharer…

He is totally uninhibited when it comes to exhibiting his lust for life and friendship to others.

You hear some interesting things said about the man but NEVER anything negative or nasty in anyway.

He is both a little eccentric in his way and also a breath of fresh air when compared to the neutral (dare I say dull) attitude of most people I meet.

Whether we are prepared to admit it or not we like happy people because they generally brighten up the day!

They are really different and in the minority.

We could all learn a great deal from Gary and from this point on I certainly am going to be a lot more friendly and enthusiastic to others.

I don’t care if people think I’m a little strange or even weird, in fact, I think I would take it as a compliment.

One thing I am sure of is armed with such an attitude people will remember you, in fact find you hard to forget!

I’m sure it starts with a smile and then it gets easier.

For a moment just think what happens when a dog approaches you in a friendly manner and wagging its tail?

Or, you find yourself confronted by a young baby who treats you to a broad toothless grin?

I don’t know about you but I find it difficult not to smile back.

Enough said…

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