How to use positive affirmations to your advantage!

Your own mental turbo charger…

Belief is not just important, it’s EVERYTHING!

When you believe you can, you probably will.

However, when you believe you CAN’T or you nurture low levels of self-belief you have NO CHANCE!


For that reason, unless you believe you can 101% achieve anything, don’t even begin.

Just don’t waste your time, but by contrast invested in growing your belief instead.

Here’s the simple solution…

When it comes to developing your levels of self-belief on virtually ANY subject you choose. Mental positive affirmations will help you to BOOST them every time.

So what exactly is an affirmation?

In the context of improving your levels of self-belief, an affirmation is basically a short and positive statement which you repeat to yourself many times over.

I’ll give you an example of an affirmation shortly.

You can repeat your statement out loud if you wish, or in the privacy of your own mind.

You may get a few very strange looks…

I always feel that saying your statement out loud has far more IMPACT!

However if you try this as you’re walking down the street it may not be too long before large men in white suits (perhaps even carrying a straitjacket) approach you.

The time that I choose to say affirmations out loud is when I’m on a journey and in my car alone. Even then I get some very strange looks from passers-by and other drivers.

Presumably in this day and age they think I am on a hands-free mobile phone, but I still get a few very strange and startled looks when I’m waiting for the traffic lights to change.

For the rest of the time I say my affirmations in the privacy of my own mind, and I’m sure that you will also.

Then no one will have an idea what you’re doing.

Below are a few examples of affirmations:

  • “I am a GREAT at generating practical and usable ideas!”
  • “I am a REALLY HAPPY person and just love smiling!”
  • “My ideal job is waiting for me to find it, it’s not far away.
  • “I am about to have an EXCEPTIONALLY SUCCESSFUL day!”

Have you got the idea?

Your statement can be anything you wish but it must be positive. You can even use a variety of similar affirmations one after another to save yourself becoming bored.

This is an example of what I may use…

  • “I’m getting sleepy!”
  • “I find it hard to keep my eyes open!”
  • “I’m so tired I just want to lie down!”
  • “I know I’m going to have a deep and restful sleep!”

I would just mix them up a little.

And yes, before you ask I have successfully used affirmations on occasions when I have suffered with insomnia.


Always smile as you repeat your affirmation!

Say your affirmation with passion and enthusiasm so it makes you feel really good inside as you repeat it.

I know this sounds a bit daft and soppy, but it really makes a BIG DIFFERENCE to your outcome!

When it makes me feel warm and good inside as I repeat my affirmation I know that I’m doing it correctly.

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How long do they take to work?

From experience I think the more you use them the better they will work for you.

They have an accumulative effect…

However, for saying that just keep repeating your affirmation until you get results. Or your level of belief has risen to the point where you FEEL POSITIVE you will start to get good results.

This could take half an hour or so, or even a few days.

Just remember that it’s not a costing you a penny and they will bring you mental benefits in many ways.

FI-badgeSo why do AFFIRMATIONS work?

I’m not exactly sure, but I think it’s because your subconscious mind is easy to fool, or is quite trusting.

It feels your sentiment and hears what you’re saying and then simply goes to work for you, especially if you are looking for ideas as in a few of my example affirmations.

You choose what you want to believe and affirmations will help you achieve this.

Let me give you a personal example!

I have been using positive affirmations for more than thirty years and have a variety of very positive experiences to boast as a result.

One I like to share is this because the outcome was spectacular:

At school I always loved English as a subject, and particularly writing although I never seemed to be that good at it.

Although my composition was good I lacked confidence in myself because my grammar was dreadful and my spelling was appalling!

I could never understand why.

These deficiencies dramatically decreased my level of confidence in my abilities.

However, there is generally a reason involved and although I didn’t know it until I reached the age of forty when I was diagnosed as being profoundly dyslexic.

However, by my early twenties I knew that I wanted to make writing part of what I did.

I wanted it SO MUCH it almost hurt!

At the same time I became interested in the art of mail order writing and my ambition prompted me to take action as I felt from the pit of my stomach that this was something I could master.

However, and as you can imagine my belief in my abilities was still about as low as it could get.

This is when I first learned about affirmations so I started experimenting with them straight away.

I would have tried anything…

I spent the remainder of the day telling myself “I can be a writer!” “I will be a writer!” I must have repeated it thousands of times.

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By the next day my levels of belief in myself being able to write something that other people would WANT to read had risen dramatically.

I altered and improved my affirmations slightly and went on a long walk with the sole intention of repeating them with extreme passion to myself.

My smile was so wide my cheeks hurt and I felt as if I had a coat hanger jammed in my mouth.

I was approximately an hour from home when a strange thing happened. Suddenly I felt certain I could write and could NOT understand what had stopped me for so long.

The feeling continued to get stronger…

The solution became CRYSTAL CLEAR in my mind.

I almost ran home I was that keen to get started.

My level of certainty in my ability was absolute and I found it hard to concentrate on anything else.

I already had a product in mind and as soon as I got home I grabbed my pen and pad and began writing and within a few hours I had a 3 page sales letter ready.

I couldn’t wait to test it out…

So I badgered my immediate neighbour to spell check it for me as she was a young English teacher.

She could see my pained enthusiasm so the kind girl did it immediately although she probably thought me mad.

I then took the revised copy to my mother who was a typist and asked for a 100 copies as soon as possible.

She already knew I was mad!

While mom took care of that I took care of my test list.

I was lucky enough to know someone who made their living from copy writing who was very encouraging. Surprisingly, he loved my letter and as inspiration sold me a list of 100 target names to send them too.

By Tuesday the envelop delivery addresses had been hand written, stamped and contained my letter ready to be posted.

All of this madness happened in just 3 days as a result of me using an affirmation to build my levels of self-confidence!

Was the mailing a success?

Yes, I made 4 sales and was over the moon and continued writing from that day forward although I still need to have my spelling checked.

More successful however was my affirmation because without that I may NEVER have written anything.

Since that time I have experienced many big successes from using affirmations although none were as dramatic as my first experience.

I have mentored others in using them also and could write a small book on positive results which they received.

Affirmations REALLY WORK!

They are a tried, tested and proven to bring results to those who use them seriously.

Like all things they may take a little bit of getting used to. The end result however is worth a little experimentation so get behind them.

Affirmations are an easy to use solution for raising your belief in virtually anything so use them.

By the way, I would just love to hear your affirmation success stories!

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