The importance of helping others

Helping others comes with its own special set of rewards the best of which is how it makes you feel for doing so.Receive notification of similar videos as they are created or published by subscribing to my YouTube channel in the sidebar to the right:

Video Transcript
If you want to get ahead in life and lead your life to its FULL POTENTIAL, then please don’t under-estimate the importance of helping others.

Often your help, assistance, and involvement may just require a few minutes of your time and generally, it won’t cost you a penny.

However, the implications of your help and concern are likely to be far-reaching in the minds and memories of those you interact with in this way.

Especially those people that are notified of your act of kindness, and please believe me, those you help WILL SHARE.

Get into the habit of helping without obligation or the prospect of return as helping others has its own set of UNIQUE REWARDS which can’t be purchased at ANY COST.

You will feel a better person for helping and quickly earn yourself the reputation of being a nice person.

What a great reputation to have!

Every time you mingle with other people, if you’re observant and proactive in your help focused objective, you will be soon be presented with opportunities to help others in so many different ways.

It doesn’t have to be complicated…

There are more ways of helping others than there are stars in the night sky and most are simple and seemingly inconsequential acts of thoughtfulness.

Actions of help and kindness often start with plain courtesy such as holding open a door or cheering up someone who feels a little down.

Or it may be that they need a little encouragement, or even have someone to listen to them as you may be the only one who does so.

Helping others around you may be as simple as sharing a warm and genuine smile of friendship or writing a short email or text to show that you care.

Just the offer of help and assistance will open up many possibilities and illuminate the doorway of friendship.

Little actions with BIG positive impact…

How difficult is that? …it’s not, if fact, it’s usually HIGHLY rewarding fun.

Even if your help does require a little additional effort and sweat than usual!

In truth, it will probably do more for you and your levels of self-esteem and inner happiness than it does for the individual you’re helping!

Going above and beyond and helping others will make you feel good about yourself, and the more that you can help others the better you will feel.

Once you make the commitment to help others at every opportunity you will stand out from the crowd because so few others will be as proactive as you in their objective.

Think of it like this…

Life is very much like a mirror, and what you reflect and give out to others you will also get back, often multiplied many times over.

Helping others is just a part of being a success and a winner in life!

Every time you walk away from an interaction leaving someone happier than when you met, you have achieved something REALLY positive.

Whether you believe in karma or not, by being kind, helpful and considerate to others you also become a very special person.

You join a very special minority as one of life’s GIVERS, rather than a taker. You will have a strong and ever growing Karmic bank account which you can’t put a price upon.

I recently found this great quote by ‘Addison Walker’ which I think puts the importance of helping others into perfect perspective:

“It is not true that nice guys finish last. Nice guys are winners before the game ever starts.” – Addison Walker

Isn’t that so true?

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