See it Clearly, Achieve it Quickly!


There is an old and true saying that states that; “If you don’t know where you’re going then ANY road will get you there!

It’s funny how you can make the same old classic mistake more than once.

Well I certainly did!

I knew about it, I advise others NOT to make it, and then I demonstrate how it shouldn’t be done.

What am I talking about?

This new website and project!

Okay, it looks okay now, but you should have seen it when I first started.

Impulse kicked in and I just had to get started putting it together.

Even in my sixtieth year I STILL get a big kick from putting together new projects, there’s no better feeling.

Proper Planning Prevents Particularly Poor Performance.

I know this well and preach it to others…

…but shame on me, I missed that step out completely and just went into production.

The idea came to me just a few weeks ago while I was over in the Spanish Canary Islands last November enjoying a sort of working holiday.

I just love working in this way and mixing pleasure and tourism.

My new project occupied my mind and began to consume me.

Very quickly it was all I could think about and I just knew it had to be done and put together.

So I started there and then.

By the time I got back to England in mid-December I had lots of parts finished and completed all already for assembly.

My website, Facebook and Twitter pages all went together really well.

I had also prewritten lots of articles so I was ready to launch, and that’s exactly what I did.

Failure and disappointment!

My initial efforts were not received well!

In fact, they hardly worked at all and I got virtually zero response from my new audience.

You see my big mistake was I had lost focus!

I had become busy but was very ineffective because I had lost sight of my outcome and what it was I wanted to achieve.

It’s easy to do this.

In fact, the majority of small businesses have extremely poor focus when it comes round to their objective.

What it is they have on offer, and what it is that they are trying to achieve.

This was me on this occasion….

If I had it all written down in route map format things would have been different!

Visitors were arriving at my website and pages and didn’t HAVE A CLUE what it was I was offering them, or the benefits I would bring to them.

So why would they stay?

As a result I was getting I got no followers and no email subscribers.


However, better late than never…

So this was the time to take a big breath, sit down and regroup and make a few MAJOR decisions.

What it was I was trying to achieve…

What benefits I was offering my visitors…

This took me a few days to achieve and I started to position and brand myself and suddenly my website and pages shared a common theme.

Visitors immediately knew what the site was about.

I began to get followers, in fact, I went from just the occasional follower to 40% of those who I began following would follow me back.

A 40% success rate is massive.

Best of all I was also getting a 25% opt in rate to my new email list and newsletter.

This was a great re-start and interesting learning curve.

So what can you learn from me and this rather stupid experience?

Don’t do the same thing!

Always think through carefully what it is you want to do and concentrate your focus on your potential outcome.

Write it down in fine detail.

Read it regularly until you begin dreaming about it.

Look carefully at the big picture and all of the ramifications.

If you’re sure, absolutely certain it’s what you want to do then start planning.

Break it down into logical steps which need to be achieved.

Break each step down into logical actions that need to be taken.

When you get to the point where it just has to have a beginning and you want to start making it happen.

Make sure you start at the very beginning and you have your first few steps clearly in place.

You don’t have to have the full plan mapped out at this point.

However, you do need to have the first few steps worked out in fine detail.

Then spend time each day going over your plan, readjusting fine tuning and staying ahead of yourself.

Follow your logical steps and watch the magic happen.

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