So you want to be a player

Being a successful achiever has very little to do with luck or levels of education so much as attitude and determination.

When it came down to putting ideas and actions into perspective, my Uncle Sid was an expert.

He was a great story teller which made things both fun to listen to and easy to remember and recall.

BTW, to put you in the picture Sid was an exceptionally wealthy self-made man.

On this particular occasion we were discussing the difference between people who have become successful achievers in life, the top 5% of society, and the remaining 95%.

The great divide…

Or as Sid referred to them: the SHEPARD’S and the FLOCK!

He went on to tell me success, especially BIG and ongoing success is MAINLY due to the way the in which that individual thinks.

Or have decided to think which indicated that success or lack of it is a choice.

Oh, it is very much a choice he confirmed, and it’s a choice ANYONE can make.

They have adopted a very progressive mind-set…

You see the top 5% think in a very entrepreneurial way!

It’s NOT just about money either…

They are ALWAYS looking for additional opportunities and methods of improving all aspects of their present lifestyle.

They are constantly searching for ways of taking their lives to the next step.

To them money is a by-product of their success.

Sid went on to tell me that the working population is actually divided into 3 types of entrepreneur and the way he described them became quite unforgettable.

Here they are:


The make it happen…

Now these are the cream and top 5% of individuals who stand out in life. They would account for our leaders, visionaries and industrialists.

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These are the people Sid would refer to as shepherds.

These are idea generators and improvers who make the wheels go round. They are RARELY backwards at coming forward, taking a chance or frightened of making a mistake.

They rarely wait for opportunities to come to them, but by complete contrast go out and make their own.

They are constantly working on improving their knowledge and skills base.



They watch carefully what is happening…

These would account for approximately 8% – 10% of our society and generally have big ambitions and objectives for their life.

As their name suggests they WATCH the PLAYERS trying to learn from them and are desperate to elevate themselves to become an elite player.

This is the group where most players started out.

They are constantly looking for opportunities and are open to ideas and very forward looking.

Some will make it, a few will give up, but the majority of this group will remain small time entrepreneurs and business owner and generate very comfortable incomes and lifestyles for themselves.

They are also committed to assimilating knowledge and skills because they know that this combined with action is the best of increasing their income generating abilities.




An unkind description yes, but the remaining group account the remainder of the working population who are generally employed by others, or decide not to work at all.

These are the lead rather than being leaders.

The majority in truth would gladly snap up any opportunity that came their way if it offered them the chance to upgrade their lifestyle.

However the main reason that MOST will remain in this group for all of their lives is that they are very poor at taking action.

They are classic procrastinators…

They will certainly talk about their BIG dreams and ambitions but for most they will never happen. They rely on others rather taking responsibility for their own outcome.

They are quick to blame, complain and argue rather than focusing their attention on their own business and getting ahead.

They speak about luck or the lack of it rather than realizing that the more effort they put into their lives the luckier they will become.

As for learning and education most finished with it when they left school.

Now please listen carefully!!!!

Becoming a player has very little to do with you level of education or intelligence so much as you your attitude.

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Regardless of your starting point nothing is written in stone.

You and you alone DECIDE which of these groups you want to belong to! It’s all about taking action and building momentum in your life.

Neither does it matter how old you are!

So as you can see you now have a choice, a DECISION to make!

If you want to start your journey toward becoming a HUGE success also, then the pathway lies in front of you and begins with your first step.

So what are those first few steps?

FIRST: Well I suggest that you reread and inwardly digest this short article a few times and it will give you a few ideas.

SECOND: …and this is where I can help!

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