The Gratitude Attitude and Becoming Successful!


There are so many things that can bring a BIG BOOST to how we feel, although gratitude is very rarely mentioned.

Never mind the quality but feel the width!

This is not a long article although it contains a very powerful recipe which if you allow it to will turbocharge your day.

When I first learned the technique which I am about to share I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself.

I wasn’t disappointed…

It was taught to me by one of my own mentoring students and she couldn’t recall were she learned the technique either.

However, she had been using it for a number of months and was very positive about the results it offered.

So thank you whoever it was who initially came up with this idea.

Showing gratitude puts us in a positive state of mind, and the benefits of showing gratitude can last with for hours!

They make me feel sort of happy and warm inside, and should do you also.

However, unless we happen to be thanking somebody generally gratitude only comes in small doses.

In fact, most people have only ever experienced its effects in small doses.

So what I’m about to share is how you can achieve an avalanche of gratitude feelings on a daily basis which can be quite overwhelming.

I like to think of this as the gratitude stone technique.



So where do I begin?

A few years ago I purchased a few barrel tumbled and polished stones from the beach.

I’m not quite sure what attracted me to them but the deep green ones were really beautiful and only cost a few pence each so I purchased a dozen or so.

For years my stones just sat at the back of my draw until I found this use for them.

However, using this technique you could substitute any small object in place of the stone such as your keys or mobile phone etc.

This is how it works…

Living right on the beach I go out for regular daily walks, and in my jacket pocket I always carry one of my little green stones.

I place it in my hand and start caressing it gently between my fingers and as I do so I think of the things which I am REALLY GRATEFUL for having in my life.

  • My children
  • My wife
  • My lifestyle
  • My friends
  • The opportunities that every day brings.
  • Etc…

The list goes on and is quite extensive.

I contemplate these things and how lucky I am to have them. I feel strong emotions and feelings of love and affection.

As I do so I become aware that I become very calm and extremely happy.

In fact, ecstatically happy and at peace with the world!

I am also very aware that this action makes me very creative, although this might not be the same for everyone who tries this technique.

I start getting ideas and inspirations which I immediately record for future use.

I become enthusiastic and impatient to get back to my computer.

This hasn’t just happen once or even twice, but at this point hundreds if not thousands of times.

It’s almost as if I have been filled with HIGH OCTANE fuel.

In such a state problems are easily overcome and anything seems possible.

Not only that, but the more regularly I do this the longer it affects seem to last with me.

So as always, don’t just take my word for it, try it out for yourself.

Knowledge without action is a total waste.

Share this with others and let me know how you get on also.

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