Watch and Observe then Adapt and Innovate!


way-forward1Why start from scratch when an easy short cut would be to look who is already successful (in your chosen field) and then imitate their successes and formula.

Very often there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Whatever it is that you are trying to achieve if you look around you will probably find a successful role model to use as a working example.

If it’s successful for them, then it should work for you also.

So don’t make things hard or difficult for yourself.

Decide what it is you want to achieve and then use your eyes and look around to find who is already doing (what it is you want to achieve) successfully.

Study them, or more specifically study carefully the formula they are following. The recipe and actions they take on a consistent basis to make it happen.

This is the SMART and easy formula for success in all aspects of your life.

Anyone, whatever their level of intellect can do this and short cut their route to success dramatically.

I was going to say monkeys could do it.

However on this occasion let me tell you Fox’s do it!


What are you talking about?

Let me explain because it was quite an experience.

On Saturday, 19 December I was in London and I had to stop overnight and return on Sunday.

As any Londoner will admit, you will be totally spoiled when it comes to finding good restaurants because they are everywhere in this capital city.

Feeling lazy I didn’t want to wander too far from my West End accommodation.

My strategy was simple; the busiest restaurants would probably be offering the best food.

The one I chose was an Indian restaurant on Paddington Road which is a sort of quiet back street.

Unfortunately they were packed to capacity.


However and very unseasonably the temperature that evening was a very warm 17c which is unheard of in the UK at this time of year.

For that reason I decided to sit outside and was very comfortable doing so.

This afforded me the opportunity to do a little people watching as I enjoyed a tasty and spicy meal.

Approximately 30 yards away there was a zebra crossing and my eyes were constantly looking in that direction as interesting people and tourists approached my position.

This was where I first saw the Fox!

Now this wasn’t any usual city Fox that generally looked the worse for wear. By complete contrast this was a very healthy looking specimen probably one of the healthiest I have ever seen.

This good-looking guy didn’t seem to be scared by humans but by contrast was as cool as ice and literally interacted with them.

I first saw him wandering along the pavement as relaxed as you like. When he arrived at the zebra crossing he turned to face the other side and sat down.

What he did next amazed me.

First he looked right, then he looked left, and then he looked right again and when he saw there was nothing coming he walked calmly across the road and into the park on the other side!


I must’ve been wrong, what I had just seen was a fluke and wouldn’t be repeated.

How wrong I was.

Over the next half hour I saw other foxes do exactly the same thing, not once but five times.

In fact, a car actually stopped to allow one of these foxes to cross the road safely.

They had actually learnt how to stay safe while crossing the road.

Presumably, one had watched humans and realised that this was how they cross the road safely and without getting hurt.

Then that Fox had emulated their success and presumably other foxes learnt from him.

So the moral of this story is this…

If the city Fox can do it, then so can you.

Whatever it is you want to do, you want to achieve, look around for a role model and see who is already successful, and then learn from them.

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