What we can learn From Gold Prospectors?


Hard, dirty and ongoing toil! Those are the words which I would use to describe prospectors and gold miners, a special breed of very hard men.

Gold Prospecting

If you work for yourself or manage a business of some sort you are already a prospector in search of a rich vein of ongoing profits!

It’s an extremely absorbing way of generating a living.

This leads me nicely into one of my favourite and more compelling TV programmes right now called Gold Rush.

As the name suggests it’s about prospectors and gold miners in Alaska and the Yukon.

Rather them than me because it’s a REALLY DIFFICULT way of making your living and extremely uncertain.

The financial investment to get established on a claim is HUGE and ongoing as is the required manpower to make their system work.

Most of who are also prospecting in as much as they get paid a percentage of the gold which is retrieved.

Can you imagine breaking your back for a whole summer season to find out you haven’t made a penny? …and this happens!

This combined with the hardships and extremes of harsh weather and environment they have to do put up with makes it an extremely emotional program.

Grizzly bears, unpredictable machinery and unforgiving claim owners all keep them on their toes.

However, the upside is if you win, you can win REALLY BIG, and a few of them do so!

It’s a GAMBLE, but one you can influence…

You soon see problem patterns emerging for these guys who in the middle of summer are working as many as eighteen to twenty hour days JUST to make it pay.

These guys are truly versatile…

One particular guy I find fascinating is a Dutchman called Tony Beaks. In last year’s series he invested $1,000,000 of his own hard earned money into a 1930s gold dredge.

It’s now the only one working in North America and his reason for resurrecting it is its minuscule running costs compared to other mining operations.

He spent the whole summer moving and rebuilding this dredge onto his claim and now he wants his investment back.

When it comes to making things happen this guy is a true cannibal!

He lets nothing stand in his way and doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word CAN’T!

If it needs doing he’ll find a way and NEVER let’s not knowing how to do something stop him from doing it.

Adapt and test, adapt and test and then TEST some more!

Get behind it, stay with it and never give up.

This man is unstoppable!


Little tips that make a MASSIVE difference!

Listed below are THREE observations and virtues that we can all implement into our daily lives which will make a big ongoing difference to our desired outcome.


They are QUICK to adapt!

They already know if they keep on doing the same old thing that they are going to get the same old result, so they are quick to change strategy and get everything back on track.

In fact, it seems every crew is adapting their strategy on a weekly basis as we follow them through their summer mining season.

They are constantly making both major and minor course corrections and improvements to hit their targets.


They are real ACTION TAKERS!

They don’t let the grass grow under their feet!

There mining season is so short that they need every minute of it to stay profitable or make their fortune.

For that reason you don’t see these guys lying around, but by contrast they make the very most of every minute and rarely burn or waste valuable daylight.


They NEVER give up!

When the end seems inevitable or the weather closes down the season you see these miners in conversation with each other.

They discuss possibilities, particularly failure and quickly come to the conclusion that that is UNACCEPTABLE to them.

Although the weather and time is against them and they have exhausted EVERY POSSIBILITY they regroup as a team.

In the face of adversity they push on for a few more days and suddenly they reach the point where they have financially broken even! Or even hit a late season Gold Seam and generate millions in last minute profits.

I hope you take the opportunity to watch this program for yourself because you will learn a lot as well as being royally entertained.

Actually, although entertaining there is no difference between successful gold miners and successful achievers in life in general.

They have both learned and mastered three habits for success.

  1. Take HUGE ongoing action
  2. They ADAPT and conquer
  3. They NEVER give up!

So what is it that you want to achieve?

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