When you Fail to Plan You’re NOT Serious About Success!

objective1A little planning every day helps to keep the bank manager away and keeps you focused on your goal.

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying?

No one EVER plans to fail…

…but most people fail to plan!

…and that’s where most people’s problems start, especially if you’re in business because then it can get expensive.

Please remember this:

[Tweet “Detailed written plans are your TREASURE MAP to SUCCESS!“]

Whatever it is you plan on doing in life you should plan it out in advance to be ready for any unexpected outcomes.

It’s a simple equation…

The more prepared you are, the more successful you are likely to be also.

Being a seat of your pants barnstormer may sound attractive, but most of them died early or were rarely that successful!

See it clearly, achieve it quickly…

Sometimes, people get started on their plans with only a vague direction in which to travel and quickly find what they’re plans grow into a MONSTER!

Advanced planning would have highlighted to them if they had only taken the time.

Even small objectives need planning for them to run smoothly.

I have always followed what I have known as the 6 P’s, which is short for:

Proper Planning Prevents Particularly Poor Performance!

I believe this to be true with all my heart.

To keep me laser focused on my objectives I put a high priority on planning.

In fact, I put half hour on one side every morning to both do a little planning, and re-evaluate my objectives.

By doing this, especially going over my daily objectives I stay crystal clear in what it is I’m trying to achieve that day.

For that reason I NEARLY ALWAYS achieve all of my goals and plans for that day.

Let me share my method with you!

…please take from it anything you feel will help you.

First thing every morning, and over a mug of coffee I read my goals and objectives for that day which may need a little fine tuning or updating.

I have developed a very helpful habit which helps me do this.

A few years ago I invested into a digital Dictaphone and throughout the day as ideas came to me I would quickly capture them on this useful little device.

Then in my next planning session (usually the following morning) I would update my plans from what I have recorded.

It’s amazing how many ideas, improvements and solutions come to you as you go through the day.

Often such thoughts come to you just once, are in your mind for just a few seconds and then are GONE FOREVER.

What a waste…

For that reason it is essential to capture them immediately.

More recently, I have started using a Dragon Naturally Speaking app on my smart phone.

This not only records my verbal messages and ideas.

It also sends them directly to my computer and converts them to text, it’s absolutely amazing.

Exceptionally useful and free software…

Over the past few years I have started to use two extraordinarily useful bits of software which are cloud-based.

This means I can access them at any time from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Often when I am out and about (usually taking my wife shopping) …and I have twenty minutes to spare I turn to my planning and can do so even from my smart phone.


In this way I utilize all of my spare time…

It doesn’t matter if I’m in the UK, or at our Spanish home, or for that matter virtually anywhere in the world.

Cloud-based computing is the way of the future.

The first piece of software you should consider using is Evernote.

Rather than telling you about it here please trust me and subscribe for your own free account and then experiment, you’ll not be disappointed.

I’m fairly sure that you will find a 101 uses for it!

I keep all of my goals and objectives in separate folders or notebooks in Evernote and can instantly access them at any time.

The second cloud-based software tool is called Dropbox which allows me to store any type of file which means I can review my Word or PDF files etc.

If you don’t take anything from this article, please make sure you subscribe for these free tools.

Every one of my objectives has its own notebook filled with pages of logical steps for its achievement.

So back to my morning PLANNING ritual…

After I have reviewed my objectives for that day which generally only takes a couple of minutes, I turned my attention to other aims I’m working on.

Planning for success is a simple process.

After writing and becoming crystal clear on SPECIFICALLY what it is I want to achieve the fun begins.

[Tweet “Breaking your objectives down into smaller steps makes them easier to achieve!”]

Breaking it down into smaller steps is known in NLP as chunking down.

I give every step its own Evernote page which can be as long as necessary. Then I plan every action which needs to be taken to achieve it.

Sometimes even after chunking down the step is still too large to deal with comfortably; and needs to be broken down into yet smaller steps and actions for achievement.

Using this simple and logical process I end up with a well-defined objective as well as all the steps I need to take to achieve it.

Often after I have created the initial outline of steps which need to be taken I start itching to get started and breathing life into my aim.

The planning process generates strong self-belief within me which in turn generates passion and enthusiasm for its achievement.

I find my morning planning sessions invigorating.

Reviewing the big plans which are coming to fruition in my life really inspire me and give me enthusiasm for the day’s work ahead.

Success comes down to developing successful habits, and planning and specifically daily planning is one of the most effective habits you can develop.

So don’t just take my word for it, give it a try for yourself!

You may find like I did it’s an addictive process.

I don’t mean just try it out today or tomorrow, but give it a fair trial.

Do it every day for the next month or six weeks and watch the magic begin to unfold?

Planning will do that for you every time…

Have fun!

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