How to be HIGHLY Productive While Working from Home

If you are considering working from home then the following advise (offered from personal experience) will help you become VERY productive in just a few hours a day and even better, make your days wall to wall fun.

For some individuals without focus and discipline, working from the comfort of their own home can be a double edged sword of discontent.

Personal, I can’t think of anything better than doing what I love, when I want to do it and from the comfort of my own home and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

For many people my present lifestyle would be their dream come true. However, at the same time for other individuals, what seemed from the outside to be heaven quickly turns into hell.

Success starts with discipline closely followed by preparation!

The discipline to:

  • Get organised and STAY organised
  • Develop CRYSTAL CLEAR focus
  • Master necessary new skills
  • Repair for success
  • Etc.

This is just a start, but if you do this then everything else should fall into place and make your experience an enjoyable and profitable one.

Working to a plan

Call it what you wish, goal setting or just organisational planning, if you don’t have it you will either flounder or fail completely.

The more diligent you are about you planning the more successful you will become. Working on my goals and objectives is certainly my most important daily action as it provides my focus.

Record your ideas

I take notes and record ideas as they come to me throughout the day, and then add them to my plan at some point during the day.

Working in this way I know for certain what I will achieve today, tomorrow and next week, or for that matter this year.

My goals and plans become my route map to success and I can return to them for a focus top-up at any time and often review them throughout the day.

BTW, I use Evernote for planning and it synchronises with all of my devices which is extremely convenient.

Allowing yourself to be distracted!

Yes, your heard me correctly, there are no victims, only volunteers.

If you allow yourself to be so I promise that you will be constantly be distracted throughout the day and achieve nothing.

You MUST be able to switch yourself off from distractions and stay focused on your objective, and like most things it is a skill that develops with practice.

A successful friend of mine spends 4 hours a day working in McDonald’s and is highly productive even when its really busy and full of screaming kids. So it can be done!

Environment is important!

I have a small office which I share with my wife who I love dearly, although just being there she is a distraction. I would far prefer to have a smaller office all to myself.

However and depending upon the weather and time of year I often work in cafes and library’s etc.

The change of scene and environment for me is important and sometimes I will be taking notes and working on ideas and such places really help my creativity.

Notepads, tablets and laptops and very much the tools of my trade and easily transportable.

My mobile office…

Living by the beach in a very rural part of the West Country, I spend quite a lot of time working in my car, in fact, as I am writing this article I’m in my car in a quite a car park in a local beauty spot. I also have a table and chair in the boot which I use when the weather is more clement. (NOT today)

Using down time…

I like to walk and find this is when a lot of ideas come to me. For that reason, and to take advantage of this opportunity, quite a while ago I invested into a digital dictaphone to capture my ideas while out.

Later I invested into Dragon voice activated software which means when I am back in my office I can plug my dictaphone into the computer and see my recording appearing as text on my screen. WOW!

In fact, I have regularly written more than a thousand words while I have been out walking. This is really living life in the fast lane.

Working at night!

I sometimes suffer with mild insomnia and after a few hours in bed find myself unable to get back to sleep again.

So when this happens I get up immediately and work in my office and generally within a few hours I feel my eyes getting heavy and my concentration diminishing as sleep calls to me and I return to bed.

What I have just describes is a great and really interesting way of working which suits me. I have build for myself a valuable lifestyle career.

The fact is this, there are no hard and fast rules to follow when working from home other than being productive and profitable.

So have fun and experiment a bit as I have and you also I am sure will discover that variety in the true spice of life.

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