Your Reputation is Everything

When you have put in the time and effort to build a good and trusting reputation life suddenly becomes a lot easier and generally a lot more financially rewarding also, its worth the effort.

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How often have you heard it said that a man is only as good as his word?

The word man should actually be changed to person as this old and truthful saying also applies equally to woman.

We are referring to your character and credibility which will dramatically affect the quality of your dealings and relationships with other people.

Let’s face it, we all hate being let down!

It can leave a very bitter and lasting after taste which can last for years, or even a lifetime.

Okay, there are occasions when it is forgivable because of circumstances beyond the control of who you were relying upon.

Such disappointments are occasionally a part of life.

On such occasions it pays to apply a little understanding.

However, the act of not keeping your word is sometimes quite deliberate.

There seems to be an ever-growing army of people who constantly let others down, and often start out with the intention of NOT keeping their word?

It may be for financial gain, or simply that they don’t put much value on truth, honesty and commitment.

Unfortunately there are plenty of such people often just waiting for their next opportunity to take advantage of those who offer their trust.

Or it could be that they’re selfish and uncaring.

However, whatever the reason, life has a way of catching up with those who constantly disappoint others with their low character and lack of credibility by building a personal negative legacy known as their reputation.

Whatever your job, position or circumstances in life, your reputation is important!

Really important!

A bad reputation will slow you down worse than trying to tow a heavy anchor behind you!

By contrast, those with a good reputation will find doors opening ahead of them.

Which would you prefer?

Reputation dictates the levels of trust and opportunity you receive from others.

Individuals who will matter in your life and it will affect your potential and outcomes.

Establishing your reputation is an ongoing task and process which we have to work at every day.

We should take every possible opportunity to build a positive reputation because it will go on rewarding you for the rest of your life.

When you have a good and positive reputation people will gladly share it with their friends and acquaintances, but not as quickly as those who have well-earned and deserved negative reputations.

You may have noticed:

Good news gets shared, but never as quickly as negative bad news or warnings.

Just watch the TV news or read a newspaper to see this truth in action.

So let me ask you a question.

If you were a fly on the wall what would you hear others saying about you?

If it is likely to be negative then you should seriously consider taking ongoing positive steps to reverse your situation.

It’s never too late to start over!

Its quite simple, just begin KEEPING your word from this point forward.

No exceptions!

Make a special effort to highlight this fact to those you may have disappointed in the past by perhaps doing what you originally promised you would do, and then a little bit more to make up for your disappointment.

Such actions are better late than never, and are likely to make a big opinion changing impression on those you’ve short-changed in the past.

Your reputation is often born out of opinion…

From the way that you dress, present yourself and act almost everyone will form an opinion of you.

If they like you, then they are likely to offer their trust.

This is a positive position where opportunity happens.

We should do everything possible to make a positive impression and then reinforce that impression further.

People of their word are generally trusted, honest, and dependable.

By contrast those who break their word are perceived to be weak, unreliable, and inferior.

So which of these two characters would you prefer to deal with?

No contest I think

Be true to yourself, and be true to others also and soon you will begin reaping the rewards for your decision which will last you a lifetime.

Helping others is a great way of gaining favor with them.

However, a wise individual thinks carefully before over-committing themselves to anything they may have difficulty delivering upon.

It is better to under promise and over deliver, than over promising and under delivering.

So stay conscious of this fact.

Delivering on your promises quickly and with a smile on your face will make you popular and gain you supporters.

Just remember a man is only as good as his word.

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